About Us:

Iten Defense, LLC specializes in the manufacturing of composite armor products.  At Iten Defense, LLC we have a passion for working with our customers and suppliers to produce and deliver armor solutions.  Iten Defense, LLC manufactures a broad line of advanced composite armor products that are used by our customers for personal protection, military vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. 

Iten Defense, LLC supplies composite armor components to our customers who integrate our products into a final delivered armor solution.  Our customer relationships are our priority and we consider these relationships sacred.  In this hypercompetitive market, we remain focused on delivering excellence in our link of the complex supply chain.

Our unique manufacturing capabilities and large capacity deliver armor solutions to a wide variety of applications with a focus on speed, value, performance and reliability. Our operations utilize precision molds that are manufactured in house, optimized material and processing, highly trained employees and advanced quality control resources to consistently surpass our customer’s expectations.


Vision: To be the leader in manufacturing advanced protection solutions

Mission: Safeguarding those who put themselves in harm's way

Motto: Performance Under Pressure