About Iten Defense

Iten Defense, LLC was incorporated in 2019 after completion of an asset acquisition from Iten Industries, Inc.  Operations of Iten Defense, LLC began in August of 2019 upon the transfer of rights, title, and interests in all the assets, properties and other rights in the conduct and operation of Iten Industries, Inc. defense operations. Iten Defense, LLC is incorporated in the state of Ohio and is a certified U.S. Government Small Business. 

Iten Defense, LLC, although having a new name, began with Iten Industries Inc. original product line of high-performance fiberglass ballistic panels.  This material was manufactured to resist projectiles, ricochet, heat and fire, making It suitable for the most threatening military missions. 

From that original product line, Iten Industries, Inc. grew its product line to include aramid and Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) products.  Today the product line manufactured by Iten Defense, LLC includes a variety of composite armor materials manufactured into complex shapes and very large high-pressure panels.