lten Defense has a wide range of production capabilities including some of the largest processing equipment found in the armor industry today. This allows for greater flexibility in design as well as throughput and efficiency.

Our specialized equipment and expertise enable us to manufacture a wide range of ballistic armor components. These products are then used in various protective applications to include Body Armor, Aircraft, Watercraft and Ground Vehicles for both Military and Law Enforcement markets.

lten Defense leverages our proprietary technologies to generate superior ballistic performance resulting in the advantage of lower weight armor solutions.

Finishing - clear films, graphic decals, paint, environmental coatings.

Kitting- Customized finished kits to assist with on-site installation are available.

Manufacturing Departments

Material Cutting – state of the art cutting equipment allow materials to be cut with precision and prepped for processing.

Pressing – Large scale pressing and high throughput small presses with both low and high pressure capabilities.

Waterjet cutting – standard & 5-axis cutting capabilities allow for practically any shape to be cut.

Painting/Finish Coating – In house equipment allows for finished coatings to be applied in a timely and controlled manner.

Machining – Our in-house tooling and machining room allows for custom tooling manufacturing right on site. Match metal tooling is the primary means of forming complex shapes with composite armor materials.

Assembly/Kitting – Final assembly of armor panels and/or kits is possible. All nameplates, hardware, and accessories are pulled together and packaged for product shipment.